Business Courses On Africa.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF, 2012) Tells Us That Africa Is Clearly Providing Opportunities For Large And Significant Business Growth At A Time Where Most Other Regions Of The World Are Experiencing Sluggish Or No Growth. However Business Success In Africa Is Not Assured Except With The Knowledge Of Key Business Strategies, Cultural practices And Success Factors For Doing Business In Africa. As Attractive Africa Is For Global Business Growth, It Still Remains A Unique Place To Do Business. Global Businesses Wishing To Do Business Successfully In Africa must learn and understand The Value Of Africanizing their services, products, human resource and management practices. Sun Business Strategies & research has designed and implements Business Courses on Africa in Business schools around the world who train business executives and students and know the importance of building up knowledge and experience in cross cultural management and business strategies with a focus on today’s fastest growing market AFRICA. These courses have been developed using our extensive research studies and decades of on the ground experience of our entrepreneurial successes in Africa.

616339It is our observation at Sun Business Strategies & Research that most business schools around the world offer a business education tailored for knowledge and success in the western or developed world. In good faith some even offer scholarships to educate African students. The complication with this is that most of these Africans do not return to Africa after graduation mainly because the jobs, opportunities and environment they have been trained for, in the most part does not exist in Africa. In response to this and in line with our mission of “business consultancy to make a difference for the good of humanity”, Sun Business Strategies & Research designed our Business Courses on Africa. Where the business student and executive is taught and given the confidence to succeed in Africa either as a business executive or an entrepreneur. Similarly because of Africa’s position in today’s global opportunities for business growth, business executives and students from all nationalities and from all kinds of business organizations are also taught to and given the confidence to succeed in Africa. Our research and experience in Africa reveal what Wharton management professor Ann Harrison And Colleagues Justin Yi fu Lin At Peking University And L. Colin Xu At The World Bank also point out, that African Firms, entrepreneurs have had To Become Stronger And Work Smarter owing to the more Challenging Environment. Our Business Courses on Africa reveal amongst others, that mastering the Critical success factors for doing business in Africa leads to huge profits in Africa.

In line with our mission “international business consultancy to make a difference for the good of humanity, Sun Business Strategies & Research has an important role in facilitating cross-cultural knowledge and sensitivity via our for business schools courses such as our Business Courses on Africa.

There is certainly a very big need for business courses on Africa today. This is evidenced in the exploding demand from African students and business executives for business education, and from managements of multinational and global corporations that wish to take advantage of the growth opportunities Africa offers. Business schools who realize Africa’s position in today’s global opportunities for business growth and therefore know there is a lot more on Africa that they should be teaching their international business students about doing business in Africa, will always partner with Sun Business Strategies & Research to deliver our Business Courses on Africa to their students. Guy Pfeffermann, chief executive of the Global Business School Network, says: Business schools with the ability to look beyond immediate financial goals can expect vast rewards not only for themselves but also in terms of the contribution they can make in Africa.

Business courses on Africa.

  1. The Critical Success Factors For Doing Business in Africa.
  2. The Choice of market entry mode for Africa.
  3. African Culture and Business.
  4. The Human Resource Manager in Africa.
  5. Marketing in Africa. “Africanization.”
  6. Revealing Africa: Creating Business Growth Opportunities in Africa.
  7. Successful Entrepreneurship in Africa.
  8. Business financing in Africa

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