Business Courses for Africa

In 2012 The Stanford University explained that Africa is the new frontier for big business and investments today. Today’s Discerning CEO’s, entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking growth will agree. Bloomberg publications also agreed in 2012, saying that the continent Africa is an emerging market that any U.S. company ignores at its peril. Today it is clear that Africa has emerged as a big opportunity. As the world moves towards Africa in the quest for business growth and more profits, it is important that your business school produces graduates who are competent to operate in or with Africa. Indeed very many Business schools are hearing the call of Africa.

The IMF forecasts that the sub-Saharan African region will enjoy the growth of a minimum of 6 per cent in 2014. But there is a dearth of management expertise tailored to Africa, even though there appears to be a healthy demand for acquiring it. What most international business schools prepare their students for does not include competence tailored for business operational success in Africa.  Overseas business schools interested in expanding their reach will have noticed data from the Graduate Management Admission Council that show 5,490 GMAT tests were taken in the African region in 2012-2013 – more than in eastern Europe and about equal with Canada and Latin America respectively. Students graduating from most international business schools today, graduate with skills tailored for them to succeed in western or western styled economies. This is partly responsible for the fact that even the African nationals graduating from international business schools seek employment in the western developed countries.    These facts are sad when one considers the fact that Africa is a very dynamic economic environment. Most will agree with Annette Nijs, executive director of Ceibs global initiative, as she explains that Africa is the fastest-growing market in the world,” indeed entrepreneurial opportunities abound but the skills to seize these local opportunities are not being taught in most international business schools and universities. Instead, the different ways some overseas business schools are responding to that fast-growing market are in some cases inspiring deep resentment and accusations of neo-colonialism and exploitation. This is practice cannot be sustained for long.

The above facts have made it necessary for our business courses for Africa to be adopted and taught in all well-meaning international business schools globally. The following are our new and current Business courses tailored for AFRICA. Send us an email at information@sbsrconsultants.comRequesting information from us on how your school can begin teaching these courses within your business studies curriculum. Students may also request free information from us on which international business schools offer these courses, by filling out and submitting the form provided on this page.

Entrepreneurship in Africa.

This course gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices needed to succeed as an entrepreneur in Africa. The course discusses the basics every manager needs to organize successful innovation in both entrepreneurial and established company context for Africa.  It starts by building the character and knowledge towards succeeding in the true African environment. We also Teach and examine strategies that turn a social lack or need into commercially viable innovations for entrepreneurial or established company gain. 


The Critical Success Factors for Doing Business in Africa.

This course teaches the factors and practices necessary for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

Ventures to succeed in Africa. Teachings are based on high-level peer-reviewed empirical research aimed at ensuring success for international business investments.

Business & politics in Africa.

This course serves as a practical guide to relevant social and political issues in Africa, and how they relate or not to the business environment in Africa. It also examines current socio-economic topics in Africa and their relationship to business practice and FDI.

Corporate Cross Cultural Training for Africa.

The remarkable economic growth rate experienced by many economies in Africa has been accompanied by a significant rise in the standard of living for very many in Africa. This has also led to more democracies and political and economic rights enlightenment. Indeed there are steadily growing agitations that all business must be socially responsible and mutually beneficial between business and community.  It is now crucial for all corporate bodies wishing to be successful and sustainable in the African market, to understand the African person of today. 

The African Consumer.

Many global brands will sell profitably almost anywhere in the world. However there are some global brands that have endeared themselves to the African, and indeed Africa has adopted as their own. This course examines business strategies that lead to increasing market share in Africa.

Responsible Investment for Africa.

This course discusses the principles of responsible investment for Africa. This is currently a very prominent topic promoted my most African economies today. It is a must understand for companies wishing to be or remain successful in Africa into the future.

Understanding The African Market by Regions.

Africa is not one homogeneous market. It is made up of several regions and countries many with different business cultures and practices. This course prepares the student for what to expect in Africa’s different regions for business.