Cross cultural and Diversity Research.

We have and continue to carry out successful research on cross-cultural business relationships to derive the Emic of each type of intercultural relationship. It is crucial to be current with the issues in each cross-cultural relationship in order to advise on successful international business practices. We research to understand why a group of people acts the way they act and why they perceive thing the way they do. Our understanding this enables us to design successful cross culture courses and give highly valued and successful business consultancy advice and diversity training programs. By understanding subjective cultures and their Attributions we give successful interpretation and reaction advice to perceived behavior. ……..Contact us


Critical success factors for doing business in Africa.
Business Research & Strategies scientifically reveals answers to practical business practice questions helping to make decisions on how to invest in Africa. The rate of return on foreign investment is higher in Africa than in any other developing region. It is clear that Africa is the big growth opportunity. However, doing business in Africa needs a great deal of expertise and knowledge. A major question is “What are the critical or key things that must be in place, that will ensure that a company’s investment in African market will be a successful one?” A second question is “How do these things affect the way a company should enter the African market?” The third question is “How did other current successful foreign companies in Africa start, and what can be learned by their experiences?” These are the major questions scientifically answered by SUN Business Research & Strategies………..Contact us

Researched business courses on Africa.
These courses have been developed using our extensive research studies and decades of on the ground experience of our entrepreneurial successes in Africa. Sun Business Strategies & research has designed and implements Business Courses on Africa in Business schools around the world who train business executives and students and know the importance of building up knowledge and experience in cross-cultural management and business strategies with a focus on today’s fastest growing market AFRICA. ……..Contact us

Market Entry Mode
The choice of entry mode is regarded as a very serious strategic decision in international business. All modes of entry involve considerable resource commitments and an initial entry mode choice is difficult to change without a considerable loss of time and money. Therefore the selection of an entry mode into a foreign market (or any market) is a critical strategic decision. Through extensive and thorough research we have developed a model/formula for explaining and recommending entry mode choice among exporting, licensing, joint venture, and sole venture entry modes into the African market. ………. contact us

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